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School Physicals

Our kid-friendly healthcare providers offer school physicals for kids and teens ready for another year of learning! 

Doctors recommend having a physical every annually for children over five years old.

Many states and counties require a physical to attend school. This is to ensure your child and all other students are up-to-date on vaccines and shots, as well as safeguarding against any health related issues that may arise during the school year.


Why do schools require a physical?

Schools want keep record of each students health and wellbeing. Your child’s health and the community’s health is the top priority for doctors and school administrators. Each state and school will have different requirements for physicals.

The most important reason for the yearly physical is to ensure students are always up-to-date on their vaccines. Regular vaccinations and booster shots ensure your student, as well as other students and staff, are protected from serious diseases and illnesses that may spread during the school year.

For example, Guilford County Schools requires vaccinations and boosters for kindergarten, 7th, and 8th grade students 30 calendar days prior to their first day of school. 

The Centers for Disease Control provides each states vaccination requirements. Click the link to learn more.


What is a school physical?

Annual physicals such as school physicals, general wellness physicals, and sports physicals fall under preventative care.

Preventative care is an in-depth review of your child’s growth, development, sleep, nutrition, and general health.

A school physical may require your child to receive vaccines prior to starting the next school year.

Integrity Health Screenings

Kindergarten Physicals


We offer physicals for upcoming kindergarten students. The requirements for kindergarten students are slightly different from the typical student physical.

Kindergartener’s are required to have their polio vaccine as well as both Varicella (chicken pox) vaccines in addition to other required vaccinations.  

Full School Physical

School Physical

Our health professionals will make the school physical process as simple as possible. At the moment we are not taking walk-in appointments. You may book an appointment through the Spruce app or by calling our office. 

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"I got my child's school physical at IH4Well! It was so easy and simple. I love the Spruce app and my results came directly to my phone. The nurses are really friendly and helpful and even responded in the Spruce app when I had a question about my results after 11 pm at night."

Greensboro, NC Patient

Great and welcoming staff. Very professional and efficient, thank you guys for making me feel comfortable in these very scary times.