Check Ups & Physical

Direct Primary Care

At Integrity Health for Wellness we simplify navigating the wide world of healthcare.

Our primary care providers take responsibility for your day-to-day health needs.

Keeping you safe and healthy with comprehensive care, disease prevention, health screenings, diagnosis and treatment of acute & chronic illness, nutrition, health education, coaching, and care coordination.

Annual Physical

The cornerstone of how we change lives for the better. Our annual physical at Integrity Health for Wellness uses physical exam, diagnostics, and clinical practice guidelines to identify your current health status and plan your path to a healthier version of yourself.


Health Screenings

Health screenings are great to identify health conditions as early as possible. Screening is the cornerstone of health for chronic disease prevention and overall wellness. Utilizing state of the art laboratories and diagnostic tools you are sure to get the answers you need before you knew you needed them. 

Nutrition & Health Coaching

Here at Integrity Health for Wellness, we provide you with modern health and nutrition coaching. You will have access to vast information to help you live a healthy life. Our monthly nutrition classes, coupled with diet and exercise plans will help you to implement the wellness solutions you desire.

Chronic Condition Management

Navigating the do’s and don’ts of chronic health conditions can be confusing. Let our professional health care providers teach you about the causes of your condition and how to maintain and develop and health and wellness plan that accounts for all of your lifestyle preferences and goals.  


Routine management of your hypertension by our healthcare professionals can prevent complications like cardiovascular complications.

Thyroid Conditions

Our healthcare professional can evaluate and treat many thyroid conditions. The thyroid plays a major role in the body’s metabolic functioning. 


Women's Health

Wellness exams specific to the unique requirements of a woman’s physical and reproductive needs. This exam is meant to project a path to improved health & overall wellbeing.

Simplifying Doctor Visits

Per Month

Nutrition and Wellness

Membership option that can be added to any option for those who may have primary care provider or insurance and want the benefit of a comprehensive nutrition & fitness focused membership plan.


Per Month

Direct Primary Care

Comprehensive primary care with a focus on prevention and identification of chronic disease and reducing health related factors that contribute to mortality.

Per Month

Direct Primary Care (DPC) +Plus

DPC Member benefits + vision & dental exams with care planning to ensure comprehensive preventative health needs are met!

This was the best facility I have been to in the area by far! The whole experience for me was great and the staff really made it a positive experience also. I like how professional they were and how I was treated. Easy process to be seen and I like the discreteness they have there. I highly recommend Integrity Health for Wellness, care is top-level quality in my opinion. Thanks, guys for all that you do, greatly appreciated!


Great and welcoming staff. Very professional and efficient, thank you guys for making me feel comfortable in these very scary times.