Integrity Health for Wellness

Nutrition + Wellness + Fitness

Fitness: Nutrition+ Mind+Body

Do you need a fitness program that keeps you motivated to keep progressing forward towards your health and fitness goals?  Don’t let fears and insecurities stop you from being fit, healthy, and from reaching your divine destiny. 

 Integrity Health for Wellness approaches fitness from a holistic, whole body, wellness perspective. By combining our unique skill sets to help clients care for their mind, physical health, and body. This breaks down the barriers of communication, motivation,chronic health conditions, and access to these services. The number one benefit is empowerment through knowledge. 

Our Process: Puts you at the center!

Our comprehensive approach of nutrition +mind + body will get you there faster and healthier than you ever believed. 

Travel a road of meeting your fitness goals with health in mind.

Membership Options:

Health,Heart,Diet,Food,Blood Pressure

Fitness Only

2 times/weekly

$200 month (semi-private)

Health,Heart,Diet,Food,Blood Pressure

Nutrition & Wellness Member

$65/month (work-out w/ your doc weekly)