Integrity Health for Wellness

Mental Health Services

No Referral Needed! Fast, affordable, mental healthcare when you need it!

Ever wait so long for an appointment you forgot why you needed it, or even missed it?

Gone are the days of waiting 3 months to rule out a concern regarding mental health.

Our providers are here, ready and waiting to meet your needs today and help you feel more energetic, and a desire to participate in activities with our mental health services in Charlotte, NC.

Medication + Therapy all together!

Our team of providers is ready to support the research that states that more people progress towards healing when managing mental health concerns using a two-prong approach of medication and therapy than either method alone.

cognitive health exam

Getting Healthy in more ways than one!


What do you get when you merge a caring therapist with a caring healthcare provider who treats your mental health too? HEALTHY! Say NO- to the headache of long waits for referrals

Say NO- to driving all around town

Say NO- to wondering who you see today and why?

Easy Peasy! You are a pro already!  Look at you setting healthy boundaries;)

We have a knack for understanding life stressors and creating path to manage nagging anxiety, depression, and adjustment disorders to name a few. This duo has the capacity to quickly assess and diagnose your concerns and put you on a planned path to success while supporting you as bumps along the way may come.

Membership Options: insurance options spring  2023

Integrity Health for Wellness

30-minute Weekly Visits

$240/month membership fee

Integrity Health for Wellness

50-minute Weekly Visits

$360/month membership fee

1-time visit (non-member)

Medication or Therapy

$125 per 50-minute session