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Cognitive Evaluation

Cognitive health is the ability to clearly think, learn, and remember, Using state of the art technology gives our staff the ability to perform a cognitive evaluation that analyzes general cognitive brain function through testing.

Our office uses objective technology that offers rapid and reliable cognitive health assessment information. In comparison to traditional subjective cognitive exams, our cognitive evaluations are easy-to-use for clinician and patients alike.

The ideal client is an athlete for baseline concussion testing, aging patients who may have feelings of emerging cognitive decline, and those who may feel some cognitive changes after Covid-19 exposure.

This objective science-backed tool allows Integrity Health staff to assess and analyze our patients’ cognitive health today and compare results over time.


Cognitive Health FAQ’s

What is cognitive health?

According to the Centers for Disease Control, cognitive health is the ability to clearly think, remember, and learn. These functions are a important for accomplishing everyday activities. 

What can cause a cognitive impairment?

Cognitive impairment may be age-related or can happen due to brain injuries, such as a concussion.

How can I help my cognitive health?

  • Regularly evaluate your cognitive health by visiting your physician annually or as scheduled 
  •  Manage your physical health and manage any chronic health problems such as diabetes and high cholesterol
  • Reduce your risk for repetitive brain injuries due to falls or other accidents 
  • Limit your use alcohol
  • Quit smoking and use of other nicotine products, even smokeless products such as chewing tobacco
  • Get enough sleep, generally seven to eight hours a day