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The world’s healthiest communities are physically active, have access to healthcare providers, and consume a balanced diet of high-quality foods.

Our goal at IH4Well is to reduce preventable illness & disease by increasing access to health, wellness, and balanced nutrition care.

Allow our team of dedicated health care professionals to support you to achieve your physical, mental and well-being goals. The care you need, when you need it!

Help us build a healthy community one person at a time.

Stop–Reinventing the Wheel

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Book your initial comprehensive physical exam to take control of your health today.


Visit In Person or Virtually

Most visits can be conducted virtually. New member patients and complete physicals have a lab and exam portion that must be seen in-person.

Follow Up

A staff that accepts you as family at your very first visit. We develop an awareness of your needs and actively plan your path to success in health and wellness every moment after.

Telehealth: Easy to use! Get help quick

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Googled a health question only to find out “it’s fatal”?

Communicate with our office staff simply and quickly!

Whether you want to send us a picture or ask a question and get an answer interpreted by clinical experts using the latest clinical guidelines.

Why Choose us

Care in our office revolves around creating a happier & healthier you!

From the very first visit our team is planning your success for the healthiest version of yourself.

Accessibility, Affordability, Accountability!

integrity health patient high five

Same-Day & Walk-In Apts

Insurance or Cash Pay

Easy Booking & Renewals

Caring Team of Health Professionals

Trusted by 1k+ Patients

On Demand 24/7 Telehealth

We accept most insurance plans!


Join our DPC!

Have a Primary Care Provider today!

Explore our low cost Direct Primary Care Memberships -or- add our Wellness and Nutrition only membership plan if you already have a primary care provider.

1k+ Happy Patients

If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together! We are one big happy family on the path to wellness! 

They accidentally had appointments available for a day they are closed (Christmas Eve). We scheduled for a test that day due to travel and work restrictions. They opened up just for ONE patient for testing to keep a whole family safe. HIGHLY recommended and will tell everyone to visit. They really care!”


Great with children. Iris the nurse is so friendly and sweet. She explained everything, so well my daughter who was so nervous did not even cry when she was treated. Definitely will recommend my friends and family.”


“I didn’t join the DPC membership but got my physical here, best prices around for labs. The follow up is so detailed, the doctor explained why each lab was done and what my results meant.”


At first I thought the Spruce app they ask you to download was going to be a hassle, it saved my life at the airport when I misplaced my printed results, and didn’t know what to do. I just went to the app and pulled it up to show the gate agent!!!